Mindful, Selfless Actions: Attitude of Gratitude


From the first time we ran toward the Ocean with bare foot excitement, from our first game of tag with the waves or awe at the wonder of the sea – we felt the connection. How often do we humans feel the pull toward rivers, lakes, bays, streams and the deep blue sea? We feel our connection with gratitude and most often a sense of peace, play and joy.

But nothing interrupts our experience more than discovering plastic waste among the seaweed, microplastics embedded in the sand or other casually discarded litter on the beach. While it sometimes might seem that our personal efforts to collect such things and dispose of them properly hardly makes a dent in the problem, there is something to consider. Small actions and collective “blue life” choices combine to change everything.

In my attempt to make a difference (as a writer, I created a book, of course) I joined a community of #FutureFighters that was developed by a partnership, including Starboard. I am grateful to have discovered this community and the chance to connect small actions while earning a social digital currency called Blue Tiki. For the full story, this video will explain.

I invite you to join in the regular challenges, activities and chance to earn rewards by signing up at Blue Tiki. Each time you do your part to be mindful of your plastic habits and selfless in your cleanup actions, you will part of a greater community all making a difference together.