It takes a village. That might be trite and even tired statement – but for any huge culture or community change, it is a powerful truth. I am just one person using my unique set of skills fueled by a personal passion for the ocean here at Blue Life Connections. Alone, my impact only has the potential of being small.

Fortunately, there are others committed to inspiring the next generation of ocean stewards and ECO activists. Their time, commitment, investment and support is what will allow us to build a tribe through the practice of daily journal writing, making “blue life” choices, reflection and connection. The sponsors listed below cannot be thanked enough. They are making our connected Blue Life tribe a reality while putting a powerful tool in the hands of youth.

You can make a difference in your community!

Here at BLUE LIFE CPONNECTIONS, our message is organized in a book, The Quest for Blue Planet Super Heroes. (overview here).

But the book is just the beginning. From time to time a group of young people, an inspired teacher or Environmental Club sponsor, a bookstore or other community business will read the book and say, “YES, let’s do this.”

Within the book is a 10-chapter fiction story that is designed as a template for a community (led by any of the above mentioned action advocates) to actually replicate a scavenger hunt type project just like the young people did in The Hunt to Save the Ocean. Our hope is that we can guide and support you as you embark on a community-changing QUEST.

How might you begin? If you find yourself even the slightest bit interested in what you are discovering here, the best first step in to get one copy of The Quest for Blue Planet Super Heroes. Take some time to read it and explore the included Blue Life Journal for Kids. The next step is to send us an email with any questions, or to simply begin a conversation.

Time is a huge way to give to the “Blue Life” and ECO programs you want to grow. Providing a local school, class or club with a set of Blue Life Journals for Kids is another way. We provide a Blue Life Program for Teachers that is aligned to learning goals and standards at no cost to support use of the journals.

From one journal to a full class set, here is where you can make a difference in your own community. Learn more here.

Huge Gratitude for our early adopter SPONSORS: Alpine Internet, Kialoa, Sweet Waterwear, Upper Deschutes Watershed Council