Our environment and especially our Oceans can be saved by the Innovation and Inspiration fueled by many pioneers. Businesses, innovators, inventors and the projects they tirelessly support provide creative strategies that approach the dilemma of plastic pollution from many angles. From re-designing products to using photography and art to open our eyes, from using huge networks and expert research all the way to individuals doing small, local initiatives – we can impact the plastic and environmental dilemmas. YOU can find your Blue Life niche.

Solutions in the Community

Our vision at BLUE LIFE CONNECTIONS is to provide a grassroots project that can be accomplished in almost any community. The most natural groups to organize this (with our step by step guidance and support available at NO COST) include: middle school environmental clubs, local bookstores with interest in community connection, Chambers of Commerce and Rotary Clubs – to name a few.

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Here are some links (below) to start your journey – PEOPLE AND PROJECTS explore here.  Let us know about YOUR group or project so we can add your article to our CONVERSATIONS blog.

Core Products:

You can purchase the Blue Life Journal  and the The Quest for Blue Planet Super Heroes (ages 7-12) .