Projects and Activities

So many of you who complete the 28 days of writing in your Blue Life Journal (included in the book, The Quest for Blue Planet Super Heroes) are asking, “What can we do next?”

Keeping on with your journal writing and reflecting practice is one thing. But it seems that most of you want to move further with your own impact – in your school, in your community.

Blue Life Program teachers ask the same thing. Teachers are so very busy so we hope to provide the frame and guidance for students to ignite their action from the spark they encounter here. More inspiration can be found HERE.

This page will have new ideas for action updated regularly. Some of the ideas will come from kids who share what they have done. Others will be inspired by the new chapters added to  The Hunt to Save the Ocean as more actual kids and communities take on the Hunt!

Your Talent – Your Imagination – Your Inspiration

Each of the project ideas below are simply suggestions. You will probably explore them and imagine what you would do differently – that’s GREAT! Whether you like to draw, sing, write poetry, build, invent, work on an outdoor project or speak to groups – there’s something for everyone. Every chapter from the book,  Kate Buffett and the Deep Blue Sea, has a reader’s guide or an idea for an activity. Check a sample out here.

Once you begin working on a project, keep us posted. You can CONTACT us here or #mybluelife on Instagram or Facebook.

Project Ideas

Buttons and Choices: Inspired by Chapter 2 from the Blue Life Journal for Kids

Voices Via Video: Inspired by Chapter 3 (available online – you can read it HERE)

Green: Good and Not So Good: Inspired by Chapter 4 (available online, you can read it here)

Pizza for the Planet: Your Creativity in the Community: Inspired by Chapter 5 – Pizza for the Planet

Change the World with Music: (Read about our  musical SUPER HERO in an upcoming chapter SUMMER 2019 – we are still looking for the real life person to interview and gain inspiration from. Could it be YOU?