The Quest for Blue Planet Super Heroes


The future belongs to our children and grand children. Providing them with the tools they need to be engaged, reflective, and curious solution-seekers is important. THE QUEST FOR BLUE PLANET SUPER HEROES contains a unique, “Blue Life” guided journal practice. The book also has a fiction adventure story embedded inside. Kids (ages 9-13) will love meeting Kate Buffet and all of her friends in The Hunt to Save the Ocean. The fiction story will inspire real-life ECO activism and something that can actually occur within a community.

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The journal is designed to provide motivation and inspiration for  the practice of developing gratitude and intention to create an amazing day.  And there is MUCH MORE! It also invites daily habits around making choices that can positively impact the environment – and in turn, the ocean. The journal begins with story-formatted interview inspired by the life of Ultimate Waterman and ECO Advocate, Zane Schweitzer. The next section provides easy to implement examples along with how and why this practice is so valuable for the ocean – and for the young person. It engage and empowers them NOW!

  •  Begin the day with gratitude and reflect in the evening
  • Imagine your amazing day – with specific ideas
  • State your “Blue Life” choice or action – and check in with what was discovered during the day

This book and bonus additional pages (no cost PDF for customers) is just $17.99  (Free Shipping to US addresses only)

Includes a brand new chapter book and a website full of fun and continued activities and connection.