There is an incredible power in the “CAN DO” attitude of so many young people today. More than ever before, the youngest generation is ready to say NO to single use plastics. They are looking at how sick the amazing Oceans of the world are and saying, “How can I help right now?”

We are hoping to inspire millions of kids to do a little bit every day by writing in their Blue Life Journal for Kids. One way to get ideas and inspiration to be an INNOVATOR and steward for the ocean and for our earth, in general, is to see what other kids are doing. How are we connecting KIDS to save the ocean – and our future?

You have heard it before – We don’t inherit our earth (or Oceans) from our ancestors, we borrow them from our grandchildren. A solution to the devastation impacting our Oceans is “everybody making a small choice, a small difference daily, all working toward a shared goal. We need to act now and we need to act together.”

How can we connect? The first step is to be active and share on our BLUE LIFE CONNECTIONS.

Are you a teacher or parent volunteer in an environmental or “green” club in grades 4-8?

You can order your BLUE LIFE JOURNAL and a FREE downloadable set of BLUE LIFE JOURNAL FOR KIDS. Our online curriculum (Google Forms worksheets, lesson plans and discussion guides) is ready for the 2023-2024 school year and beyond. We are not charging teachers in grades 4-8 for this amazing resource. To get started CONTACT Education Lead: Judy Shasek

You can share your actions on social media using our hashtag #bluelifeeveryday or #mybluelife

Kids Can:

SUP Kids: Overview of the global program supported by Starboard, Sustainable Surf among others. Instilling a love for SUP that leads to stewardship for the environment.

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How to talk to your kids about plastic pollution (ideas for fun and making a difference)

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