A “Blue Life” is one that recognizes how much our voiceless friend, the Ocean, and all of the life it supports need us. Yes, the Ocean gives us every second breath we take. It gives life to our home, the “big blue marble” that is our planet Earth. Everywhere we look there is frustration and overwhelming despair – the problem is so big and we are so small.

But that isn’t true. WE are a community of millions doing something positive every day to create the innovations and inspiration that will save the Ocean and ourselves.



We are a connected community that makes personal daily “Blue Life” choices, writes about them in the Blue Life Journal and adds our energy to the work of dedicated groups and organizations.

We want to talk with you. Our CONVERSATIONs are different from the usual blog format. Rather than solely sharing the author’s ideas or insights, CONVERSATIONs will be exactly that – communication we have with others. Who knows – it could easily be a conversation with YOU!

Rather than re-invent the wheel – why not join movement started by Starboard that offers rewards beyond your personal pride and satisfaction in what you do to reduce plastic in the environment. Take a look at the motivating activities and digital coin rewards provided at Blue Tiki – BTIKI. Scroll through the various uplifting articles on sustainability to discover a unique digital coin currency.