#MyBlueLife: Starring YOU

The inspiration for #mybluelife came from hundreds of kids making “Blue Life” choices and being exactly the change we need.

A great book is a powerful way to read, think, and connect. For that reason we have an ever-growing story in the form of a chapter book.The story of The Hunt to Save the Ocean begins in The Quest for Blue Planet Super Heroes and continues online (Check out the chapters here).

The best part of the story will be happening out in the world – by kids just like you, in schools and communities just like yours. Over time we hope to link to hundreds of projects and to Blue Life Super Heroes – yup, people just like you. More stories on our KIDS CAN page.

Each link below will go to a story. If you would like to share your story or project with us, simply fill out the CONTACT form and be sure to have a parent submit it with THEIR email address. That is an important rule for online communication. It’s important to have parent or guardian permission and also pretty cool for them to know the SUPER HERO BLUE LIFE commitment you have.

Julia A – Grade 5 Blue Life filmmaker

Jasi K – Immersing in Nature (Inspiration for Chapter 6: A Thousand Stars in the Sky and more to come.

Coming Soon: Leila F – Grade 4 Creating Change with Questions Inspiration for Chapter 2: In the BLUE LIFE JOURNAL FOR KIDS)