Julia A: Snowball Saves the Sea

When 5th grader, Julia A, gets an idea she wants to tell the story in video. As an outdoor lover biking, skiing, swimming and camping, Julia is never tired of exploring in nature. When it came time to submit an entry into a local “Powder Hound” snow sport film event for the community, Julia decided to enter a film.

Her experience in dance and enjoying roles in a number of theater productions in the past few years gave her confidence in front of the camera. Loving the ocean and the environment means a lot to Julia. Enjoy her film, “Snowball Saves the Sea” below. (If you want the volume to be louder click on the blue bars on the bottom right of the video window, to the left of the “settings” icon)

Be sure to visit her website. We know there will be more films and insightful blog articles coming soon.

Julia and her film was the key inspiration for Chapter Three: A Surprise on the Mountain in the book Kate Buffett and the Deep Blue Sea. (That book begins in the Blue Life Journal for Kids

You will definitely want to watch her video, especially after you read Chapter Three: A Surprise on the Mountain

Snowball Saves the Sea from Judy Shasek on Vimeo.