Why Walk on Water?

Walk on water wherever you find it for a mediatative experience
Walk on water wherever you find it for a meditative experience

Paddleboard Perspective

Water – in lakes, rivers, bays and the deep blue sea. We know our tribe, we are “Water Walkers.” Board under bare feet, paddle in hand we crave our time on the water. Whether we dream of catching that perfect wave or training for technique and speed, we want the meditative state of being absolutely present and one with the water. The team at P2SUP loves hearing your stories and all the reasons you head to the water. When life is chaotic and some active meditation could connect you to your purpose and balance (mind and spirit) – we have guided meditation scripts to share. Why do you “walk on water?” Here are some reasons we hear again and again.

Fun – that is certainly one reason to SUP or “walk on water.” Not so surprisingly,  a marine biologist and author, Wallace J. Nichols, has done an enormous amount of research for his ground-breaking book, BLUE MIND. He has explored the cognitive and emotional benefits of being in, on or around water. As humans, we have a neurological reaction to water. We enjoy a mildly meditative state that increase our ability to focus while reducing stress. According to Nichols, “Just seeing or hearing water triggers that response.”

Find your water wherever you live
Find your water wherever you live

P2SUP is a way to enhance the wellness benefits of being on the water by providing a guide to being more present while on the water.  Many of us exercise, particularly enjoying something like surfing or standup paddling, because we know that it can reduce the stress of work responsibilities and life.  P2SUP provides a way to connect the benefits of meditation to a very enjoyable activity done on water. This connection delivers a powerful sense of peace and presence when practiced over time.

warriorOften we hear people say that they cannot meditate, they don’t know how or they don’t have the time. For standup paddlers that issue is resolved.  Just being by water meditates you.
Moving rhythmically as you paddle invites a meditative state. P2SUP provides a tool that can guide you toward  that “present” and relaxed state. You don’t need to study or practice meditation to enjoy P2SUP. You just need to pay attention to the water around you, your breath and the rest will fall into place as you simply “walk on water.”