Whatcha Got In Your Sushi?

Whatcha Got In Your Sushi? Not that you needed more reasons to refuse the single use plastic water bottle, maybe knowing that there is on average 241 microplastics per liter could change the habit. Yes, plastic is polluting our environment. Let’s turn our attention to microplastics – tiny pieces ranging from 5 millimetres down to 100 […]

Thanksgiving Ideas – Holiday Hope

Beginning with the plastic wrapped around your turkey, the holiday season could be a plastic disaster or an opportunity to create new traditions. There are a lot of things we can do to reduce plastic waste.  We may not manage “zero waste”, a lifestyle where an individual doesn’t produce any trash at all, doesn’t send […]

You Asked: Give Me Some Blue Life Ideas

When you purchase your first Blue Life Journal you will discover that it is jam-packed with ideas for adding easy-to-implement “Blue Life” actions to any day. In fact, the journal has almost 100 ideas with more coming regularly here. One of the most powerful aspects of YOU living YOUR “blue life” is that you become the momentum […]

Plastic – Turning Off the Faucet

The movement to stop plastic pollution is growing up. Working with kids lately through the Blue Life Program I realize that they do not believe the problem is consumers and litter. They want to do beach, lakes, river and ocean cleanup – but they look straight in the face of where the problem originates. Kids are not […]

The Blue Dance: Humans Have Two Left Feet

I recently read the inspiring story of Melati Wijsen, a teen from Bali who has been the leader for Bali’s Bye Bye Plastic  initiative since 2013 when she was just 12 years old.  That’s Melati in the middle, in the picture. I was struck by her comment, “Dancing with politicians — it’s three steps forward, two […]

Starboard Achieves Gold Level Status ECOBOARDS

We feature Starboard as an example of a “Blue” company leading others, sharing innovation and making a difference at the manufacturing stage of their products. We are happy to share this Press Release by Brett Giddings – Programs Manager at Sustainable Surf: STARBOARD BECOMES THE FIRST MAJOR SUP BRAND TO PRODUCE GOLD LEVEL ECOBOARDS – […]