A Community Connects for the Planet

Imagine 12 businesses in your community being hosts to a few dozen middle-schoolers as they lead a city-wide HUNT TO SAVE THE OCEAN.  Imagine hundreds (or more) people gathered at the local newspaper lobby on the day of the HUNT ready to receive clues and their HUNT packet. Armed with a dozen clues based on ECO puzzles, off they go to discover answers while learning how to be ECO stewards with “blue life” habits.

Each clue will lead the “hunt teams” to a business or other site. Once there, they do an activity that will solve the clue. They gain one more piece of the answer to the BIG puzzle. The real prize is a huge increase in “blue Life” awareness. Habit cleanup around choices made can impact the local land, air and water. The power of “story” helps engage us all. By working with hundreds of young people I realized that without a story to bridge the gap between their current habits and awareness we were not going to make the long term impact we hope for. 

THE HUNT TO SAVE THE OCEAN  is introduced in a compelling adventure story that is included in THE QUEST FOR BLUE PLANET SUPER HEROES. Each chapter is inspired by real life kids. These kids in the story are much like most young people in the age 9-13 range. By enjoying the fiction adventure before launching into their Blue Life Journal, the reader begins to realize that they are capable of inspiring ECO actions and habit change within their own families and community.

As our town of Bend, Oregon is buried in snow, the plans for a local HUNT TO SAVE THE OCEAN at the end of summer 2019 are in the works. The best way to explain the process of the HUNT is to share the full story as told in the book.  This project is designed to cost nothing, other than some cooperation from local businesses and the energy of a few dozen young people. A school, a church group, a club or environmental group can be the facilitator to connecting the time and energy of engaged young people. By the time the HUNT is over, it will have raised money rather than cost money. It will raise awareness – a true treasure for any community and its youth.