Golf is a beguiling game of contrasts, enormously compelling one day and beyond frustrating the next. The tools and mindset provided by this Play: The Way to Par journal will change your personal narrative in a way that will motivate you toward the progress you seek.

 “Success” and a fresh attitude around the game of golf can be refined by using this Play: The Way to Par journal. We are used to returning to the golf cart after each hole and writing down one thing – the score. That’s often frustrating. We designed a much more positive practice by changing what you write down. The journal entries will awaken a great sense of PLAY and deliver more FUN every round.

There’s no need to wait to get “better.” Your best game is waiting to be unleashed – starting today.

This book has built on the original Play Your Way to Par journal with many bonus chapters and expanded journal practice.

Published by WATERWORDS (2022) –