Art Activity: Pizza for the Planet (Read Chapter 5 here)

In Chapter 5, Pizza for the Planet, three of the Pacific Heights Middle School Blue Team (Ryan, Claire and Kolleen) combine their talents to make a difference for the entire community.

After showing their photography to Ryan’s Mom who owns Moma Pops Pizza, an idea formed. Why not put a picture that would inspire talk and “Blue Life” thinking on the bottom of 1000 pizza boxes? Using Claire’s love of photography, Ryan’s energy and Kolleen’s drawing skills the three friends made it happen.

Can you think of a surface that is usually blank and could be the perfect spot for a great, thought-provoking image? A pizza box, the back of a menu, the side of a paper coffee cup, or even a wall (with permission). Gather a few friends so that you have all the talent needed to get the project done. While some friends might be good at drawing, others might be confidence and able to talk with business owners.

Once you have completed the project let us know about it – we want to feature you on our BLUE LIFE SUPER HERO  page.