Art: Kids Create to Save the Ocean

Art: Kids Create to Save the Ocean

In a time when funding for so many crucial educational topics is reduced or removed, art, music, and environmental topics are sorely missed. So many students have incredible aptitudes in those areas and do not find the opportunity to perform, create, innovate or make the difference their passion might inspire.

For that reason, we are especially happy to discover an opportunity that teachers (or connected parents) can support. Here’s a way to inspire global citizens – and art! Part art project, part philanthropy, part immersion in global learning, Students Rebuild Challenges connect K-12 students worldwide in a common effort to make a difference, while giving you the tools and flexibility to teach your way.

From their website: In addition to an engaging art project, every Students Rebuild Challenge comes with rich opportunities and free resources for exploring other cultures, geography, and more. Online video conferencing brings students from other countries into your classroom and makes our global community more personal.

Take a moment to watch their video HERE

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