You Asked: Give Me Some Blue Life Ideas

When you purchase your first Blue Life Journal you will discover that it is jam-packed with ideas for adding easy-to-implement “Blue Life” actions to any day. In fact, the journal has almost 100 ideas with more coming regularly here.

One of the most powerful aspects of YOU living YOUR “blue life” is that you become the momentum powering a global wave of change. Just as millions of individual drops of sea water create the oceans waves the inspire us with their beauty, millions of individual “blue life” choices create a swell of hope. Our voiceless friend, the Ocean, will survive only if we all inspire each other.


A Few of our hundreds of Blue Life Action Ideas

Google and research local environmental groups whose mission aligns with your own – VOLUNTEER

Pack a small mesh bag in your pocket or purse – use it to collect plastic litter wherever you find it. So much better than using a plastic bag (easy to rinse and re-use)

burgerEat green a day or more per week. Meat production costs water and produces other environmental impact (too much to fully explain here). The Water Footprint Network estimates that every kilogram of bovine meat requires 15,415 liters of water to produce. That comes out to 1,847 gallons of water per pound, or more than 460 gallons for a quarter pound of beef. The Water Footprint Network also reports that its estimate includes the amount of water it takes to raise the crops that feed the cow, as well as the amount of water the cow drinks.

Bring your re-usable water bottle, coffee cup, straw and utensils. #Don’tSUCK

Say NO to single plastic liquid soap dispensers – use a bar of soap or get a stainless/glass dispenser to re-fill from ONE huge liquid soap bottle (which you recycle)


Pocket of Plastic Challenge with Zane Schweitzer & Sustainable Surf from Mat5o Media on Vimeo.