Snowball Saves the Sea: Skiers Kick-off Avalanche

Last night we were part of the exuberant “pray for snow” crowd at the 19th annual “Powder Hound Preview and Fundraiser” hosted by Pine Mountain Sports and fueled by the heart and energy of Danny McGarigle. It is always an event that makes us proud to be part of the Bend community and in awe of the power of a “village” to raise funds for local non profits. It was obvious that setting a goal, writing it down, is part of this event’s success. Always a great reminder of the power of writing and reflecting on our dreams and goals. 

It is that power we hope to inspire and develop among the young people who use our Blue Life Journal for Kids at home or at school. Whether they are encouraged to write about gratitude, creating an amazing day and making daily “Blue Life” choices with family, a class or a club, the impact is huge.

A great example of that impact was experienced by the full-house audience at the Tower Theater in Bend last night at the Powder Hound event. Julia A., age 10, was one of the earliest to use the Blue Life Journal for Kids. Being a member of the “Green Team” for 4th graders last year at High Lakes Elementary inspired her natural love for the outdoors from the snow to the rivers and the ocean. She decided to enter a short film in the Powder Hound in order to share her idea for a solution. You can watch her film Snowball Saves the Sea by clicking here.

The evening was full of great and entertaining films created by filmmakers both novice and professional. But when Julia’s film played a unique thing happened. The crowd of almost 500 gave out a huge cheer – and leaped to their feet for a standing ovation. That only happened once the entire night. Why did it happen for Julia’s film?

We think it is because we are all worried about the environment and particularly the ocean. Watching a film made by a member of the future generation of ocean stewards gave us all hope. Rather than a bleak summary of how things are, Julia posed a “snowball” of a solution.

But Wait! There’s MORE!

Working with Julia as she created her film, I became inspired to include her in one of the chapters of the book that begins (Chapters 1 and 2) in the Blue Life Journal for Kids. Each month we will be adding additional chapters to that book, Kate Buffet and the Deep Blue Sea, inspired by real kids doing real life work. Julia inspired the character Kristy in Chapter 3, A Surprise on the Mountain.

Sponsor Solutions

Here in Bend, OR we are ready to work with all the schools we can while reaching out to schools in FL, CA, HI and more. If you would like to learn how to bring the program to a grade 4-8 class or club (or simply to your own home) you can learn more here.