Michael Franti: Blue Life Soul

After attending every concert that Michael Franti shared with us in Bend, OR there was no escaping his magic. Music, heart, soul (SoulRocker), passion, love, caring, self-less, fun and the magic of connecting people – that’s Michael Franti. But that is just the tip of the iceberg of his vision for what he can accomplish in life. On November 21 we saw Michael’s “Stay Human” documentary in the unique venue that was the Unitarian Universal Fellowship in Bend. The very philosophy and mission of that church resonated perfectly with the message we all experienced in the film. From his “Do It For the Love” project to his deeply felt empathy for our human condition and the power of love, Michael also has created a message that supports what we believe in – “Blue Life” choices.

In our quest to empower a tribe of the youngest among us to be the stewards of our environment and our ocean it is heart-warming to discover someone with the following of Michael Franti has invested his time and talent into inspiring youth.

In a book that naturally engages children in exploring the question of where our plastic waste goes, Michael presents a story all of us need to hear. The title is the question, “Where in the world is away?” (Get your copy here)

Readers journey with Little Lee and Little Lou as they attempt to find a place to throw their juice bottle Away. Only to encounter Mo the Crow, who helps them discover that AWAY, is really just SOMEWHERE ELSE and flies them through the wondrous world of recycling. The book is magically illustrated by Ben Hodson, the recycling themed, Where in The World is Away?, is Michael Franti’s second children’s book (What I Be, 2006).

The holiday season is upon us – I can think of few other gifts with more love (for each other and for our planet) woven in. You can get your package here.

We at BLUE LIFE CONNECTIONS have one mission: Inspire the next generation of Ocean (land, air, earth) stewards to use their expertise and talents and energy to save us – to save the Oceans.  Important to our belief that our youngest generation can provide the hope, optimism and innovation to save us is the same message that Michael Franti showcases in his documentary, Stay Human.

The best way to understand the film, Stay Human,  is to watch Michael introduce it. This small sample is powerful in its own way. If you have a chance to see it in a small venue with Michael there to answer questions and “talk story,” you will be changed. I certainly was.

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